India, UK and Philippines top search lists of UAE travellers for National Day

India, UK and Philippines top search lists of UAE travellers for National Day

'Everywhere' is another popular search term

As the UAE’s 52nd National Day approaches, Skyscanner data has revealed that ‘everywhere’ is the top-searched destination term among UAE residents, while India, the UK and the Philippines top the charts of the most searched-for destinations.

Skyscanner’s search tool enables travellers to discover a multitude of destinations, ordered by cheapest price, consolidated from 1,200 travel sites on to one platform. 

The surge in popularity of the 'everywhere' search term highlights the eagerness of UAE residents to find travel inspiration and secure great deals as they plan getaways for the upcoming three-day weekend from Saturday 2 December to Monday 4 December 2023.

98% of UAE travellers are open to visiting cheaper, lesser-known destinations
EMEA travellers booking trips further in advance, according to Skyscanner
Europe hotel rates see inflated spike

According to Skyscanner’s Travel Trends report 2024, the cost of flights (32%) and hotel expenses (16%) are pivotal factors influencing destination choices for residents, as they look to enhance their holidays in a cost-effective way, with ‘luxe-for-less’ holiday experiences.

Skyscanner’s findings also revealed that a popular trend for 2024 is Budget Bougie Foodies, as value for money remains a key factor for UAE residents. Food and travel have always been intrinsically linked and just under half (46%) of UAE travellers have booked a destination purely on a specific restaurant they want to visit. 

Osaka, aptly known as the ‘kitchen of Japan’, tops Skyscanner’s list for foodies on a budget in 2024. Similarly, destinations such as Thailand, Turkey and Italy, included in this year’s most popular destinations for UAE National Day, also boast world-class dining experiences at competitive prices.


Top 10 Searched Countries from the UAE for National Day

  1. India
  2. UK
  3. Philippines
  4. Thailand
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Pakistan
  7. Turkiye
  8. Italy
  9. Egypt
  10. USA

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