Gen-Z travel ranking reveals trending destinations for younger holidaymakers

Gen-Z travel ranking reveals trending destinations for younger holidaymakers

Seoul, South Korea best caters to the interests and desires of travellers aged 16 to 27

Omio, a booking platform for trains, buses, and flights, has released a ranking of the best destinations for Generation Z

The list is based on a study of 100 cities in 40 countries, considering criteria, requirements and interests that are important to the younger generation of travellers. 

According to the data, Gen Z prefers travel destinations that promote diversity and equality, with high acceptance for gender equality. They demand fast mobile internet connections, digital payment options, and environmentally friendly, affordable public transportation.

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Culinary diversity is also important to this demographic, especially the provision of vegetarian and vegan options. In addition, live concerts and sports events are much more popular than museums and monuments. 

Seoul in South Korea, is the ultimate travel destination for Gen Z. Along with K-Pop, affordable prices and a vibrant gaming scene, there is high-speed internet, widespread mobile payment options and rich culinary diversity with at least 181 vegetarian or vegan food spots. 

London is considered the ultimate travel destination for Gen Z in Europe. The city offers live concerts, culinary hotspots and some of the largest gaming events in the world, including EGX London and the London Games Festival.


Mobile and contactless payment with smartphones is uncomplicated and widespread in London, whether for bubble tea or underground tickets.

With over 74 billion views, Dubai is the most popular city on TikTok for Gen Z travellers, followed by Paris (44 billion views) and New York City (39 billion views).

Top 10 Best Travel Destinations for Generation Z

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