Dubai received 630,000 medical tourists last year

Dubai received 630,000 medical tourists last year

Spending by international patients reached nearly AED730 million in 2021

A new report from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has revealed that Dubai received 630,000 international health tourists in 2021.

The report indicated that most health tourists were from Asian countries, accounting for 38% of the total, with 24% from Europe and 22% from the GCC and surrounding Arab countries.

The three medical specialities that attracted the most health tourists were dermatology (43%), dentistry (18%) and gynaecology (16%). Other medical specialities included orthopaedics, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, health and wellness and fertility treatments.


The top three regions generating health tourists requiring dentistry were the Middle East, at 45%, Asia at 28% and Europe at 15% with dermatology patients coming mainly from Asia (31%) Europe (27%) and the Middle East (26%). Those seeking plastic surgery treatments came largely from the Middle East at 36%, followed by  Europe at 31% and Asia at 14%.

Overseen by the Health Tourism Council at Dubai Health Authority, DXH (Dubai Health Experience) is responsible for health tourism in Dubai and offers health tourists a range of information on Dubai as a health tourism destination including health packages provided by healthcare facilities that are members of the DXH Group. A DXH smart app is also available for health tourists to browse relevant information.

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