Ultima Collection properties make ambitious sustainability pledge

Ultima Collection properties make ambitious sustainability pledge

Each night’s stay will fund the removal of 1kg of plastic from the ocean

Ultima Collection has announced its new sustainability initiative in partnership with Oceanic Global, pledging to fund the removal of 1kg of plastic from the ocean for each night guests stay at its waterfront properties, Ultima Corfu and Ultima Geneva Grand Villa.

Oceanic Global provides measurable solutions to protect the world’s oceans through projects such as ocean clean-ups to remove plastic and other pollutants, ensuring a healthier marine ecosystem and ultimately a greener planet.

Speaking about the collaboration, Oceanic Global director of programs Cassia Patel said: “Oceanic Global is honoured to be partnering with Ultima Collection through the Heroe5 [fundraising] platform to drive positive action for our shared blue planet.

“It is always inspiring to see sustainable business leadership and to see businesses using their platform to spread both awareness and opportunities for direct ocean action. Ultima Collection is not only demonstrating its commitment to our collective wellbeing, it is also bringing its community along for the journey.”

In addition to Ultima Collection’s contributions to Oceanic Global, guests are also invited to donate to the organisation. Ultima Collection has partnered with Heroe5, a digital platform that allows guests to donate via their smartphones.

This announcement follows Ultima’s 2021 pledge to plant a tree for each night a guest stayed with them, in partnership with the One Tree Planted organisation. The initiative saw Ultima Collection pledge to plant 10,000 trees across Europe in areas affected by deforestation.


Ultima Collection managing partner Michala Chatel said: “By partnering with Oceanic Global, we are providing guests with an initiative that will resonate with those staying in our waterfront properties as much as the One Tree Planted did with guests who stayed in our alpine properties. Once again, it is with great delight that we launch this project by pledging a minimum of $10,000 across our sustainability initiatives in 2022. We hope there will be much more to follow.”

Ultima Collection chief executive Simon Le Cossec added: “Our guests deserve the best, and so does our planet. We know that our properties in Switzerland, France and Greece benefit greatly from the natural landscapes they occupy, offering beauty and privacy in equal measures. It’s why we’re further stepping up our pledge to a sustainable future with the launch of this partnership with Oceanic Global.”

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