Philippines culinary tourism market to surpass US$21 million by 2032

Philippines culinary tourism market to surpass US$21 million by 2032

The Philippines currently represents 3% to 7% of the global culinary tourism market

The Philippines' culinary tourism market is projected to surpass US$21.3 million by 2032, according to a new report by Future Market Insights

Currently, total sales in Philippines culinary tourism represent 3% to 7% of the global culinary tourism market.

According to the report, the historical value of the Philippines' culinary tourism market was diminishing due to a lack of awareness about tourist destinations in the Philippines. However, now that the government has turned its emphasis to improving culinary tourism, a spotlight will be directed on the country's cuisine.

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Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco announced the prioritisation of culinary tourism among the country’s tourism products at the World Chefs Asia President Forum 2023 held in the Philippines' Pasay City.

Frasco said: "Food is important not only because it feeds the stomach but also because it feeds the soul. Through our support for the propagation of our culinary traditions, we are able to invoke pride of place and a sense of identity, and we’re able to find common ground, a reason for which we unite. For in every celebration, big or small, whether it be a fiesta, festival, graduation, wedding, or even a wake, from birth to tomb, food is there to give us the comfort that we need."


Government-backed initiatives to elevate culinary tourism in the country include increased exposure on international social media sites and increasing availability of authentic local culinary experiences, such as inviting tourists to dine in Filipino family homes, attending cooking classes at local eateries and joining historical culinary tours. 

Agencies such as Asia Venture Tours & Travel are creating custom culinary programmes and itineraries to entice luxury travellers, honeymooners, families, group tours and the MICE market.

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