The must-visit European beach with the bluest sea in the world

The must-visit European beach with the bluest sea in the world

The top 10 bluest waters were ranked using a colour calculator

According to new research by the travel experts at CV Villas, Europe is home to the world's bluest seas, ahead of destinations including Bora Bora and the Maldives. 

Researchers took unedited Google map screenshots of 200 beaches around the globe and used a colour dropper tool to find the RGB code of each body of water. This was then cross-referenced with the RGB code of the world’s bluest shade of blue (YInMn Blue), which was officially declared the bluest shade of blue in 2016 by Oregon State University. Using the calculator, the researchers then worked out which locations’ water was closest to YInMn Blue, crowning it the world’s bluest shade of blue.

The research showed that Pasqyra Beach in Albania (pictured) claims the top spot with its sea being just 12.4 points off the YInMn Blue shade. Located across the sea from Corfu, it is known as ‘Mirror Beach’ and considered to be a highlight of the Albania's southern coastline, particularly when the sunlight hits the surface of the water, creating a mirror-like effect.

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Two Greek beaches, rank as the second and third bluest waters in the world; 

Greece's Paralia Mpouka in the Peloponnesse region ranks second at 13.6 points away from YInMn Blue, followed by Kassiopi in Corfu, which has a 14.1 difference to the world’s ‘bluest blue.’ 

The world's top 10 bluest waters can be found at:

  1. Pasqyra Beach (Mirror Beach), Albania
  2. Paralia Mpouka (Long Beach), Greece
  3. Kassiopi, Greece
  4. Plage de la Vernette, France
  5. Kaputas Beach, Turkey
  6. Voulisma beach, Greece
  7. Foki Beach, Greece
  8. Praia do Carvalho, Portugal
  9. Omprogialos, Greece
  10. Los Lances Beach, Spain

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