Four Seasons reveals next stage of strategic global growth

Four Seasons reveals next stage of strategic global growth

The company has more than 50 hotels and resorts and a luxury yacht in the pipeline

Four Seasons is expanding its core business of hotels and resorts, as well as its residential portfolio, while developing luxury journeys with its new Four Seasons Yachts venture.  

With a robust and focused development pipeline of more than 50 hotels and resorts at various stages of planning and development, Four Seasons is strategically expanding into key destinations that will further strengthen the company’s position as a global luxury hospitality leader. Four Seasons' current portfolio includes 128 hotels and resorts in 47 countries.

Four Seasons president and chief executive officer Alejandro Reynal said: “With our hotels and resorts at the core of who we are, Four Seasons has gone from strength to strength as we’ve extended our offerings in ways that are most meaningful to luxury consumers. 

"In 2015, we launched our Private Jet Experience and have recently added our Drive and upcoming Yacht journeys. Our ability to create lifelong memories – whether you stay, live or travel with us – will continue to be the hallmark of our brand well into the future.”  

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Demand for the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience continues to grow with repeat trips at an all-time high aboard the brand’s custom luxury aircraft, according to Four Seasons. 

With more than eight itineraries taking off each year, guests are transported to destinations ranging from Easter Island to Machu Picchu.

Four Seasons Yachts is moving toward its inaugural voyage, which will set sail in late 2025. First announced in September 2022, the first ship will take Four Seasons signature service to the high seas aboard a vessel surpassing the suite size, amenities and staff-to-guest ratios that currently exist in the market.

The journeys offered by Four Seasons include optional extensions to combine itineraries with bespoke adventures and stays at Four Seasons properties.

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