Dubai reinforces reputation as safe destination for tourists

Dubai reinforces reputation as safe destination for tourists

The emirate makes headlines for its safety record after Dubai Police reunite tourist with lost luggage

The UAE has built a sterling reputation for its overall safety record and low crime rates.

When a tourist in Dubai lost her belongings on a bus journey this month (June 2022), Dubai Police reinforced the emirate’s reputation when they were able to track down the missing items in less than 30 minutes.

Commenting on the incident, Dubai Tourist Police Department director Colonel Khalfan Al Jallaf said that the tourist contacted the call centre about losing two bags, a mobile phone, a wallet, some credit cards, her passport and some cash while commuting.

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The tourist reported the missing items but couldn’t remember the details of the specific bus that she had taken. Using the few details she did have, a team of officers were able to track her journey across Dubai by reviewing bus routes and smart systems in place across the city to retrieve the lost items.

After identifying the bus that the tourist took from La Mer to Palm Jumeirah, the officers contacted the bus driver who confirmed he had the tourist’s belongings in safe keeping. The entire operation took less than 30 minutes.


Dubai was recently ranked 7th in the world on the Family Vacation Guide’s safest family-friendly vacation destinations list. The travel guide based the ranking on a range of factors, including overall safety and family-friendly accommodation.

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