Discovery Channel releases documentary on NEOM The Line

Discovery Channel releases documentary on NEOM The Line

Saudi Crown Prince and architects feature in the 45-minute programme

The Discovery Channel has released a new documentary on NEOM’s The Line development.

The architects behind the project  have explained the strategy behind the planned megacity in a 45-minute documentary.

Featuring new technologies and innovations that aims to reinvent urban living, The Line is a linear urban development project where there are plans to accommodate 9 million people across 34 square kilometres. 

Residences, work spaces and amenities will be placed vertically, with occupants moving up, down or across to access them. 

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The documentary marks the first time the architects of the 170-kilometre-long city-in-the-making have spoken about the project at length.

The documentary also features Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is leading the development of The Line.

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