Maximise your travel time with Blacklane ME

Maximise your travel time with Blacklane ME

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With the rise in traffic conjections, transforming cars into mobile offices is a luxury afforded by the chauffeur service

In today’s world, travellers expect to encounter curated experiences everywhere they go. This also applies to their journeys, be it on a long-haul flights or their daily commute to work.

Blacklane Middle East stands at the forefront of this trend, bridging the gap between efficient travel and exceptional service. As the Middle East continues to embrace productivity on the go, Blacklane ME is becoming a trusted partner for those seeking a seamless, productive, and luxurious travel experience.

Dr Jens Wohltorf, CEO and founder of Blacklane, emphasised the rising demand for business travel, noting a significant growth rate of 50% in the past year alone. "People spend more time out and about meeting clients, colleagues and associates," he explained. "This means more time away from the desk, impacting efficiency and leading to a greater need to squeeze more work into the day."

To showcase the need for a tailor-made commuter experience Blacklane ME has published insights from a recent survey showcasing the evolving landscape of work-related commutes. The findings reflect a remarkable shift towards a more productive use of travel time, particularly among business travellers.

The survey, conducted by Blacklane ME, and questioning professionals aged 18 and above, reveals that 56% of respondents reported working on-the-go while commuting, a significant increase from pre-pandemic levels. This surge in productivity comes at a time when Dubai experiences a flourishing tourism industry and a rapidly growing business landscape. In fact, the region alone welcomed over 15 million international visitors in the first 11 months of 2023, marking a remarkable 20% annual increase, according to data from Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism (DET).

With the UAE emerging as a hub for business and leisure, the roads have become busier, often resulting in extended travel times for commuters

Traffic congestion in the UAE has led to a rise in professionals seeking to make the most of their travel hours, transforming cars into mobile offices. For many, it's a way to reclaim valuable time lost in transit, ensuring that every moment counts.

The study's key findings offer invaluable insights into the trends shaping the region's work-related commutes:

  • Increased Business Travel: Post-pandemic, business travel surged by 46%, with sectors such as retail, catering, legal, and arts leading the charge.
  • Chauffeur Services: A significant 43% of UAE travellers use chauffeur services, either paid for by their companies or themselves, indicating a growing reliance on convenient, stress-free transportation.
  • Productive Use of Time: 34% of business commuters use their travel time for emails and work communication, turning any journey into productive hours.
  • Meeting Demands: Over 60% of commuters frequently find themselves addressing emails and staying available during long business travels, reflecting the growing need for connectivity on the move.

In response to this demand for productive and efficient travel, Blacklane ME offers an innovative solution. Their all-electric fleet of Mercedes-Benz EQS vehicles is designed to cater to the needs of busy professionals, equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, spacious interiors, in-built noise cancellation system, HEPA air filtration systems and charging facilities. These vehicles transform into seamless mobile offices on wheels. 

Safety remains paramount, with a team of Academy-trained chauffeurs ensuring a comfortable and distraction-free environment

Nicolas Soucaille, general manager of Blacklane ME, highlighted the company's commitment to providing a seamless travel experience. "Our report underscores the need for innovative solutions to alleviate the burden on commuters in the UAE," he stated. "There is a growing demand among working professionals to remain productive and connected while commuting."

"Blacklane ME's fleet of all-electric vehicles provides seamless transfers, empowering travellers to effortlessly navigate traffic and reclaim valuable time lost in transit," Soucaille added.

Blacklane is embracing exceptional customer service, and innovative delivery options, showing the travel industry how it enhances the customer experience, build loyalty, and remain competitive in the ever-changing travel environment.

To learn more about Blacklane’s approach to their tailormade customer service, please join Nicolas Soucaille at his Global Travel & Tourism Resilience Council session Luxury Product Development: What Travel Can Learn from Retail on 8 May on the Global Stage at the Arabian Travel Market at Dubai World Trade Centre.

For more informatin, visit www.blacklane.com/en

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