Comment: Chris Wright on the rise of package holidays

Comment: Chris Wright on the rise of package holidays

Live Your Best Life Holidays founding partner Chris Wright explains why more holidaymakers are leaving it up to the professionals

Package holidays are relatively new to the market here, but people do like to pay one fee and know what they’re getting. To have someone who understands the market – like us at Live Your Best Life Holidays – means holidaymakers can trust that they’re getting the best of the best.

Working with Emirates Holidays ensures people trust the brand too, and know that they’re getting a luxury holiday. It’s definitely the way forward when it comes to travelling. Working with a reputable brand in the region is a great way to entice holidaymakers to Dubai – they know they’re a trusted airline and holiday company, so they feel that they’re in safe hands.

When it comes to package holidays, it’s important to offer a mix of options. Live Your Best Life not only offers flights, hotel stays, dinners and beach access, it also caters to those looking for fitness too, with classes included.

Dubai is seen as being an expensive destination, especially when it comes to beach access and nights out. Having a package option ensures guests know what they’re paying for before they get here and can feel more at ease about spending. It also allows guests to pay for the holiday and then save on top of that for some extra nights out if required.

Added extras: fitness classes and beach club access

Live Your Best Life Holidays ticks the boxes because not only is it in partnership with Emirates Holidays, it includes premium properties in its offering. Fairmont The Palm, W The Palm and Hyatt Andaz Palm are all five-star hotels, so guests know that they’re getting luxury and not just paying for a random hotel in the middle of nowhere.

There’s a growing trend around the world, where holidaymakers are choosing to turn to professionals to organise their trips

When it comes to places like Dubai, there’s so much on offer and, if you’ve never been before, it’s tricky to know where the good spots are. Having someone plan every detail, encourages a level of trust, knowing you’re well looked after by people who know the industry inside out.


People are on the hunt for a deal and good value for money. Guests want to know what they’re getting before even stepping on the plane. It’s important for people to see that their money is being well spent, as family time and trips away from home are more precious than ever before. Package holidays ensure details are looked after. Apart from bringing a bit of extra spending money, all holidaymakers need to worry about is having a good time.

For more information, visit www.lybl-holidays.com

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