New Silversea ship hailed as 'game-changer' in ultra-luxury cruising

New Silversea ship hailed as 'game-changer' in ultra-luxury cruising

Silver Nova will be christened in Florida in January 2024

Silversea’s senior leadership team described new ship Silver Nova as a “game-changing moment for the ultra-luxury travel sector”.

Chief executive and president Barbara Muckermann said the line’s latest hardware and recent ships Silver Origin and Silver Endeavour were “defining” moments for Silversea.

Royal Caribbean Group president and chief executive Jason Liberty said the effects of Nova’s launch could be likened to the launch of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class and Celebrity Cruises’ Edge class which he described as “game-changers” for each brand.

The ship, which will be named in a ceremony in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 4 January 2024, is the largest in the Silversea fleet with capacity for 728 passengers.

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UK and Ireland managing director Peter Shanks urged agents to put “Silver Nova on the shopping lists” of high value clients.

He said: “Nova is... a game-changer for the ultra-luxury travel sector as a whole. Other ships and new brands are coming into our market, which is good because it expands the choice, but the magic happens when a thoroughbred brand like Silversea brings out an innovative ship – that’s when things get taken to another level.

“Travel advisors who have guests who love going to ultra-luxury resorts around the world should put Silver Nova on their shopping list. [This ship] opens up a whole new avenue for us.”


Muckermann said the ship was the result of the “magical connection” between Silversea’s “profound customer knowledge and the Royal Caribbean Group’s outstanding technical abilities”.

Muckermann added: “Silversea always had very strong aspirations, but for the first time in our history we have the resources to fulfil those aspirations because that is the difference between being a small private brand and part of a larger corporation.

“Silversea likes to under-promise and over-deliver, and we there have been challenges around the globe with supply chain issues. All other new ships have been delayed, there hasn’t been one prototype that wasn’t delayed, except Nova which is the only prototype that came out when we said it would.”

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